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site screenshot ITOP
Russian portal of IT, optics and photonics made for ITMO. Our first project on Symfony2 + Doctrine2 stack. Basic functionality was developed in very short period of time.
site screenshot Best4car
We got this project when it was only half ready in the summer of 2013. In a couple of months we helped founders of the service to launch it and since then are working together making it even better and more functional. Project is developed with Symfony2.
site screenshot The EUSP Press’ internet store
In the EUSP Press’ internet store you can find interesting, rare and unique books. We are supporting the site for more than a year already. Site works on PHP with Zend Framework 1.
Site of russian-speaking Symfony community. The site was intended to provide documentation in Russian. The project still has Twitter.
System for receiving and processing of advertisement
The system is designed to accept and process ads for newspaper and site. Features: ads management, search, reports generation, price calculation, internal accounts system, import from site, preview, SMS notifications. More details are private dew to client's request.
Affiliate marketing system Qprofit
Qprofit was intended to be a place where salespeople and trading places owners meet. We developed a prototype of the service using Symfony2 framework. Unfortunately owners decided not to continue development and elaboration of the project.
Report generation system for website promotion departement
For big web-studio from St. Petersburg we developed the instrument to automate work of website promotion departement. System gathers information from Google Analytics, LiveInternet, Google.Webmaster, Yandex. Webmaster. Then it generates necessary data tables and graphs and generates docx file according to corporate identity.